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You know us for our great products and incredible cleaning tips. But do you know who we really are? From our humble beginnings in a Cleveland garage to becoming one of the most popular household vacuum brands in North America, Dirt Devil has come a long way. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to develop the latest and greatest products that can help you get a better clean, faster. No one wants to spend their entire Saturday afternoon cleaning! Dirt Devil offers a variety of versatile, effective tools that give you a quick, powerful clean. Look, we know you’ve got other things to do. But when you have Dirt Devil on your team, five minutes is all you need to get ready for whatever’s next. Today, Dirt Devil is part of TTI Floor Care North America, a company dedicated to becoming the industry leader in every floor care category. So, whether it’s to help you get rid of the dog hair, vacuum up the crumbs or clear away the clutter, Dirt Devil is here for you—all before your friends get to the door. Live now. Clean later. That’s what we’re all about.

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Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – easy transportation from room-to-room and up-and-down stairs. Motor Watts – 240 Watts
ON/OFF BRUSHROLL – turn brushroll ‘on’ for carpeted surfaces and ‘off’ for hard floor cleaning
EASY EMPTY DIRT CUP – makes emptying the dirt cup easy and mess-free
HAND VAC – detach the nozzle and neck in a snap for when you need a quick hand vacuum!
10″ NOZZLE – provides a path for quick clean-ups. Scatter Guard – Yes; Safety Rated: ETL

Dirt Devil Power Swerve Pet Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Bring cordless power to any floor in your home. The Dirt Devil Swerve™ Pet cordless stick vacuum is perfect for any unexpected mess.
CORDLESS: 16 V Lithium Battery for longer runtime, faster charging and fade-free power
LIGHTWEIGHT: Can be easily steered around furniture with minimal effort
SPIN3PRO PREMIUM BRUSHROLL: For powerful carpet and hard floor cleaning
ODOR TRAPPING FILTER: Reduces and minimizes pet ordors

Dirt Devil Razor Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Swivel and Swerve – Dirt and hair tucked in corners and under furniture are no match for the full 180-degree movement of this powerful upright
No Loss of Suction – Not only is the Endura filter equipped for powerful, long lasting upright vacuum cleaner performance – it’s also easily accessible + risible for quick maintenance when you need it
Powerful Spin4Pro Multi Floor Brush roll + Automatic Floor Height Adjust – This is just fancy for, “You, your pets, and your carpets and hard floors are going to be so happy. ”
Quick and Easy Reach – Power through dirt and pet hair high and low with 10 ft. of extra reach with a wave of the removable extension wand – which pops just as easily back into the vacuum when you’re done

Customer Reviews

Deloris B
Deloris B
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This vacuum cleaner is exactly perfect for me. Works on my persian rug as well as berber carpet and tile. Gets pet hair out of medium pile carpet and is incredibly small and perfectly powerful. The dustbuster part is easy to empty, and the pieces go together really really easily. Obviously don't buy it to vacuum a three story office building or anything, but that's like buying a catfish and being angry it doesn't wash your windows right. Be real with your expectations, fool. Some unexpected but convenient design features: the assembled vacuum is angled and weighted to stand up on its own with no moving parts or release buttons. I don't know why, I just like this. The cord is the right length whether you wrap it left or right to never have the plug-in land on a plastic piece (in my opinion the downfall of appliance cords everywhere). The on/off switch has three settings: off, dustbuster, and rolly brush. That way when just using the dustbuster it's not diverting power unnecessarily. The container can be emptied without disassembling at all. It seems like it won't work but it does, and that makes me happy. The dustbuster attachment has a groove to click onto the handle. Seriously, this feature alone is worth the purchase, I have not lost that stupid thing even once because of that snappy groove. Finally, all the buttons to assemble the thing are kind of quick release, and I can put it together completely one-handed. I have a few animals, and without too much detail, they tend to leave sunflower seeds everywhere. This thing is like a sunflower shell murderer. I don't think anyone else has that specific issue as well, but if you do this is the vacuum for you.
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Holy catfish, look what this vacuum picked up in just two vacuumings!! This is a very lightweight vacuum with lots of power and a beater brush as well. Very impressed so far!! picks up my dog's hair wonderfully. Update: This vacuum is amazing six months later. I use it every day and bought one for my son's housewarming gift. Update 2: A year later. Be careful of the charging cord. I'd been pulling it out from the cord instead of the base and the cord broke which was my own fault. Ordered a new one which was easy.
Karen B.
Karen B.
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I have a three story home with lots of wood and tile as well as low and high pile carpet and a dislike for hauling a vacuum up and down stairs all the time. I own two Dysons, but have purchased cheaper vacuums for my basement. I have tried a lot of different brands and vacuums, returning some and giving some to relatives in need because they are just not as good as my Dysons. After a couple of years of not having a third vacuum, I decided to take a chance on this one because the price was right and because it will be used primarily by my teenage sons, who aren't as picky as I am. Of course I wanted to try it out myself first to see if it would do. Turns out, I've been hauling this thing up and down my stairs (it's a lot lighter than a Dyson) and vacuuming everything with it! It has incredible suction and the brush really picks up my aging, matted carpet. It's super simple to turn the roller off for the hard floors, and it does a pretty decent job there as well. The best part is that it is a cinch to clean from the dust cup to the filters to the roller. The filters need cleaned often, but it's just a matter of about five minutes of rinsing them out at the end of a good vacuum. It must be 10 amps or lower, because it doesn't trip the breakers in the bedrooms, which makes up for the cord being a couple of feet shorter. Will it replace my Dysons? Well, I don't think it does as good a job as the hard floor tool on the Dyson, and I like the wand on the Dyson better, but for carpets, I'm sold, especially at this price.